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You can now view Instagram Live streams on the web

By Prakhar Khanna April 13, 2020, 3:30 am
Instagram Live streams

Facebook seems to be on an update-spree. Recently, Facebook introduced new features to its web app, then Instagram DMs were rolled out for the web. Now, you can also access Instagram Live streams on your desktop.

You might not find it much useful, to begin with since you can always access live streams on your phone. It’s the easier way, isn’t it? However, it is useful for creators who are in the Live stream.

The new feature isn’t a complete alternative to other web-friendly live streaming services as you can’t start a broadcast from your desktop.

Instagram Live streams are meant for smartphone screens. Streamers with a high number of viewers have a lot of comments to check, and they go by fast without giving you the time to read. Hence, moderating a Live session through a desktop can be helpful and it can help eliminate this stuff.

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