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Do you have a name that people most often mispronounce? Pronouncing a name incorrectly is impolite. Hence, LinkedIn is adding a new feature to let people recognize one’s identity correctly. The new feature lets you add a 10-second audio recording of your name pronunciation. Your profile visitors will be able to hear the clip by pressing a small button on your profile.

“Everyone, including myself, makes mistakes when pronouncing other people’s names,” said Joseph Akoni, a LinkedIn product manager who worked on the feature. “I’ve encountered this personally with my Nigerian middle name—there’s a 99% chance someone won’t pronounce it correctly on the first try.”

To use this feature, you need to record your name on a mobile device (Android or iOS). However, you’ll only be able to play name pronunciations on mobile or desktop. You can visit the official LinkedIn post here for detailed instructions. The feature will be rolling out to all the 690 million LinkedIn users over the next month.

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