Consider this: you are in a happy relationship. You click tons of pictures with your partner. For some reason, you guys break up. Even after four years of the break-up, Apple Photos Memories push your ex’s photos in the Photos‌ app and the ‌Photos‌ widget. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it happens. To curb this, Apple is introducing a new feature with iOS 15.

Apple will give you more granular control over the people and places that show up in your Photos Memories. Hence, allowing you to fine-tune the random appearances in the ‌Photos‌ app and the ‌Photos‌ widget. Apple already allows you to select “Suggest Fewer Memories Like This” when viewing a memory in the “For You” section of ‌Photos‌. You can also remove a photo from photo suggestions entirely. However, you can’t choose to feature a specific person less often. But things are changing with iOS 15.

The new mobile OS will allow you to choose to feature a specific person less often in Photos Memories. To enable the option, you need to long-press an image with a person and select the “Feature This Person Less” option. This will prevent that person from popping up as often. Moreover, there is a “Remove From Featured ‌Photos‌” option that prevents a specific photo from reappearing.

These new controls in Photos Memories will be appreciated by people who have some unpleasant memories related to specific pictures. It could be a picture of an ex-partner or a place that has a negative association. The new feature will allow you to manage better what shows up as a featured image. Hence, letting to have more control over the Photos Memories than before.

via: MacRumors


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