YotaPhone 2 unboxing: two screens are better than one (Video)

Last MWC, we had our first look at the YotaPhone, a unique smartphone with two displays – one was a regular smartphone display, while the other was an e-ink display, perfect for both outdoor visibility and power management. Now we’re here at CES 2015, having just acquired the sequel to review in our offices. But first, to begin our coverage, here’s a YotaPhone 2 unboxing.

Spoiler alert: the YotaPhone 2 box is beyond cool. There’s a whole lot of attention to detail that’s obvious, and we’re hoping that translates to the phone itself when we give it a test run later on as we approach our full review and comparisons. It makes for a good unboxing experience, one that’s appreciable in a sea of rectangular prism-esque smartphone boxes.

But that’s enough of our yabbering; we know you’re here for Michael Fisher’s video coverage. Our YotaPhone 2 unboxing video, recorded live at the CES 2015 show floor in the refreshingly sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, is available for your consumption down below. View it, and then leave your thoughts on the dual-screen smartphone concept right down in the comments. Is it a practical solution to a very real problem, or just another gimmick? We’re eager to know!

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