As smartphone designs get more and more refined, it’s easy to fall into the trap where everything starts looking alike: how many ways can you make a flat slate unique? That’s driven companies like Samsung to develop its new curved-screen Edge series, but it’s not just major manufacturers taking a risk with something new. Yota Devices has been doing just that, and most recently with the YotaPhone 2. We’ve know to expect the dual-screened handset to come to the US sometime this year, and despite some rumors, firm details have been elusive. Today we learn just how sales will get underway, as well as hear a little about what’s next from the company.

Despite talk about a carrier partner, it looks like the YotaPhone 2 will instead start things off going the crowdfunding route. Beginning in April sales of the phone will begin on Indiegogo, where it will go for just about $600. Retail availability in brick-and-mortar stores should follow at a later date. The hardware will be GSM-only, working with carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. And the black YotaPhone 2 we know now will be joined by a new white option.

As for new hardware, we hear about developments on two fronts. First there’s word of a new lower-cost version of the handset, set to arrive as the YotaPhone 2c. It will still keep the secondary e-ink display, but make other hardware sacrifices to keep its price down – though just how low it will get, we can’t say. There’s also word of a next-gen model in development, but the YotaPhone 3 won’t be ready to debut until next year; we hear that CES 2016 is the current launch target.

Source: Yota Devices, Phone Scoop 1,2

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