We know some hardcore iFans might be disappointed to hear this year’s iOS 12 update is unlikely to bring many new bells and whistles to either iPhone X generation, but there’s almost no doubt Apple’s decision to focus more on software stability and reliability is the right one.

iOS 11 may very well be the platform’s glitchiest build in a long time, and the bugs just keep on coming even after the .2.5 maintenance release from a few weeks ago. The latest flaw discovered on an already troubling number of iDevices can render your iMessages app inoperable similar to the now-fixed “chaiOS” bug reported last month.

Instead of a harmless-looking but havoc-wreaking link, all someone needs to do as we speak to viciously mess with you is send you a Telugu character. That’s a Dravidian language native to India, spoken by over 70 million people, and a specific symbol of the Telugu script can now be used as a weapon of mass iPhone crashing.

The extremely bad thing about the glitch is it can apparently infect third-party messaging and social networking services too. Basically, whatever iOS app receives the character will be broken, and the only workaround you can try is deleting the thread containing the malicious symbol. That is, if you get a different text first, and you’re allowed to open Messages to begin with.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter are just a few of the apps that can crash with little to no warning, and worst of all, Springboard is also vulnerable if iOS attempts to show the Telugu character in a notification. On the bright side, while the latest stable OS version is susceptible to this error, iOS 11.3 public betas are apparently immune to it. Hence, a fix might be coming soon enough.

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