One week from Monday, Samsung will host its CES 2015 press event, bringing us news of its latest mobile electronics. Despite the occasional rumor that the manufacturer could come ready to show off the Galaxy S6, it’s probably a lot more likely that we’ll see some lower-key products launch – maybe a tablet or two? But eventually, the Galaxy S6 will be here, as well as a possible Edge version of the flagship, and maybe even some other mid-to-high-end handsets, like that 5.5-incher we just saw evidence for. We’re thinking about all that today as some pics arrive of an unknown bit of Samsung hardware.

The report accompanying these images talks about the phone as if this is the Galaxy S6, while also associating it with model SM-G430 – that 5.5-inch one we just mentioned. That doesn’t seem quite right to us: those are almost certainly not the same device, but even if this isn’t the GS6 proper (and with these bezels, we sure hope it ain’t), we’re still interested in getting to the bottom of just what it might be.

As you can see, we’ve got a bold yellow color for the face, and a chamfered metallic edge circling the handset. It’s all a bit chunky-looking, reinforcing our belief that this is more of a mid-ranger than anything else. Really, it doesn’t give us a lot to go on, and we’ll want to see more from this hardware before forming any conclusions. If that opportunity doesn’t come at CES, we’ve always got MWC just a little further out in the year; for now, we’ll just have to be patient.

Source: IT168
Via: phoneArena

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