Yellow Nexus 5 might be about to drop

Back in the chilly days of January, we were thinking quite a bit about Nexus 5 color options. The Android smartphone was already available in black and white, and it was looking like some new colors were just about to arrive. There was one “leak” pointing to a rainbow of different shades, but critics were quick to call it a fake. But shortly thereafter we checked out a pic of the Nexus 5 in red, and sure enough, just about a week later, that red option was official. But alongside that red pic, a source claimed that a yellow Nexus 5 would also be launching – an option we’ve yet to see. Today we’re wondering if it’s finally about to happen, as Google’s official Android site is updated to mention just such a yellow Nexus 5.

The page quite unambiguously states, “it’s the most powerful Nexus phone yet — and it comes in black, white, red, and yellow.” We pulled up a cached copy to verify that this was indeed a new change, and it appears that the text describing both the red and yellow options was just added today. The red’s been around for months, but does this mean that Google’s finally going forward with the yellow?

It’s not the craziest idea, even this late in the Nexus 5’s life cycle. Remember, the white Nexus 4 didn’t come out until late May of last year, so the idea of a new color option for summer actually has a little precedent.

Then again, maybe someone’s just getting their wires crossed here – maybe thinking about the red and yellow Nexus 5 bumper cases (pictured up top)? We’ll be keeping an eye on the Play Store Nexus 5 listing just in case.

nexus-5-yellowSource: Google (cached)
Thanks: Aodhán Moran

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