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Yahoo brings new Messenger app to Android, iOS users with “unsend” feature

By Stephen Schenck December 3, 2015, 5:18 pm

When it comes to instant messaging on your smartphone, where do your allegiances lie? Do you stick with platform-affiliated options like iMessage or Google Hangouts? Or are you more a fan of third-party options like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram? These days we’ve got a ton of options to choose from, and there’s heavy competition amongst devs to get and keep users. Yahoo’s well aware that it’s going to have to keep things fresh if it’s got any hope of not losing users to its peers, and today it reveals its plan for doing just that, unveiling a brand new Yahoo Messenger experience for Android, iOS, and the web.

Why use Yahoo Messenger? Well, if you’re a fan of animated GIFs spicing up your otherwise static conversation, Messenger has built in search tools for helping you find the perfect one. That photo support extends to integrated Flickr sharing. Yahoo Messenger also takes a cue from social media with the presence of a “like” button, letting users share their approval with others.

Maybe one of the most compelling features – especially for anyone who’s ever suffered from sender’s regret – is the presence of an “unsend” option, letting users do a takeback on their IMs. There doesn’t appear to be any time limit there, either, giving you complete editorial control over your IM history.

Both the mobile apps and the web edition of the new Yahoo Messenger are live as of today, and while available globally, they’re all English-only for the time being.

Source: Yahoo

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