When it comes to charging our phones, plenty of options present themselves: the mains adapter is the one we’ll turn to the most, but alternatives let us pull in power from sources ranging from hand cranks to hydrogen fuel cells. Last fall we looked at one of the greenest options available, solar power, with the release of Xtorm’s GS4 Power Pack. Sporting a 1 Watt solar panel and 3000mAh battery, it might get the job done for something phone-sized, but what if you’re rocking a tablet or other power-hungry mobile device? Or what if you just want to charge your phone a lot faster? Today Xtorm announces its SolarBooster, boasting a big 11 Watt solar panel.

With 11 times the output of that GS4 charger, the new SolarBooster means serious business. The higher capacity lets it produce a steady 2A in good lighting, equaling the output of even mains-powered tablet chargers. Or if you don’t need one device getting all that juice itself, you can easily share the load between two. And since sunlight isn’t always the most convenient power source, you can hook up one of Xtorm’s battery packs to save that power for when you need it.

The whole things folds up with its integrated carrying case, designed to be easily portable – considering this is one product that we can see being popular with campers and outdoor enthusiasts, that portability sounds like it’s of paramount importance. The Xtorm SolarBooster 11 Watt panel is available for order now, priced around 90 EUR.

Source: Xtorm

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