While covering events like the IFA or MWC, we not only see a lot of new phones and tablets, but also get to check out more phone accessories than many of you have probably seen in your entire lives. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to check out what Xtorm was up to at one of these expos, and today see the company release its latest product, a solar battery pack for the Galaxy S 4.

Now, no one’s suggesting we should drop the chargers entirely and push for solar-only phones (or if they are, they’ve got a screw loose), the little bit of extra juice you can squeeze out of a few sunbeams can still help extend the time you get between the need for charges.

This Solar Power Pack isn’t just a solar cell, but adds an extra 3000mAh of battery capacity to your handset. Honestly, either one of those – a solar panel or an extra battery – would have been fine on their own, but the combination together is much more attractive. While it does look a bit bulky, you needn’t necessarily even keep the Pack attached – it will charge on its own in the sun just fine, as you can see above. Then, you just need to connect it when your phone’s internal battery is running low.

Look for the Xtorm GS4 Solar Power Pack to hit stores in the EU, selling for about €50 – that’s a little under $70 to us Yanks.

Source: Xtorm

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