Sony just brought last year’s Xperia Z5 to US shoppers, as multiple retailers opened sales one week ago. And while we’re always happy to see Sony bringing its far-too-hard-to-come-by phones to more and more consumers, the Z5’s US debut felt a little wrong in more ways than one. First, we’re looking at a phone that launched all the way back at the end last summer – so even if sales are only starting now, the hardware’s not exactly fresh. And for the US market, Sony even downgraded that hardware, killing off the phone’s fingerprint scanner. Finally, despite all these compromises, the phone made its US retail debut with an unabashedly flagship-level price, selling for a cool $600. Thankfully, at least one of those issues finds some resolution this week, as the Z5’s price is already coming down.

When sales got started last week, the Xperia Z5 Compact found itself scoring a very early discount, and retailers immediately knocked $50 off the phone’s $500 purchase price. At the time, though, the larger Z5 didn’t join its little brother with those savings.

It may have taken another week, but now the Z5’s finally playing catch-up, and Amazon’s now listing the phone for just about $540 – or $60 savings off the initial $600 sticker.

We know, that’s still pretty pricy for a phone that’s about to face a brand-new crop of spring flagships from Sony’s fiercest competition – and frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that 10-percent discount start pushing 20 or higher in the weeks and months to come – but for a phone that only just went up for sale (in this market, at least), this is still a big, a maybe a little humbling step in the right direction.

Source: Amazon
Via: Xperia Blog

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