Someday, our favorite smartphones will be left behind by the tide of progress, no long tapped to receive the latest platform updates and doomed to live out the rest of their days on increasingly feature-poor, insecure software: it’s just the way of the world, as planned obsolescence pushes us towards newer and fancier hardware. But for the time being, there’s still plenty of life left in our favorite flagships, and Android users are experiencing a surge in availability of (admittedly overdue) Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates. We just told you about the LG G4 bringing Marshmallow to T-Mobile users, and now we’re looking to Sony’s corner, with early signs of Marshmallow availability for the Xperia Z5.

At the moment, the only reports we’re getting of Marshmallow Z5 updates are coming out of Turkey, but every update’s got to start somewhere, right?

While a Sony Xperia Turkey Facebook page mentions the update preparing to head out OTA for Sony’s Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium editions in addition to the Z5 proper, so far we’ve only heard claims that users with the Z5 itself have seen their updates begin to land. Presumably, the others will follow in the (hopefully near) future, as we also start seeing access to the update begin spreading to other markets around the world.

Sony’s just about to let the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact loose upon the US, as retail sales begin on February 7. It would be a lovely treat for buyers of those new phones to have access to Marshmallow updates nearly as soon as they brought their new hardware home. We’re not exactly holding our breath for the updates to imminently hit US shores, but we can always dream.

Source: (Google Translate), Sony Xperia Turkey (Facebook)
Via: Phandroid

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