Sony Xperia Z4 could skip MWC 2015

Last year, at MWC 2014, Sony introduced the Xperia Z2. After seeing the Xperia Z3 launch at IFA in late summer, our eyes were once again on the first quarter of the year in the hopes of Sony launching the latest member of this family. CES came and went with no Xperia Z4 in sight, leaving us to assume that we’d be witnessing it appear at MWC in early March. And while that would make enough sense, a new report claims that Sony’s got something a bit different in mind, and that it will still be several months before it’s time for the Z4 to go official.

If not at MWC, then when? We don’t have a firm answer, but these sources claim that Sony’s Xperia Z4 launch plans are now pointed closer to summer. Well, maybe not captial-S summer, but late spring at least; in particular, that leaked James Bond tie-in stuff that talked about May and November dates for Z4 promo spots could be cluing us in to an initial public unveiling sometime in May. Previously, we were working on the theory that an early-year unveiling would be followed by a few months of downtime before a start of sales in May, and then the Bond film arriving in November amidst a new promotional push for the Z4.

If true, this could mean that Sony’s breakneck pace for Z-series releases is starting to slow down just a little bit, though likely still keeping this shorter-than-twelve-months cycle that distinguishes Sony’s flagship offerings from those of many of its peers. It would also spell one less big phone to be on the lookout for at MWC, though by the sounds of it, we’re going to have no shortage of fantastic new hardware at this year’s show.

Source: Xperia Blog

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