Ever since the Xperia Z4 launched in Japan, we’ve been trying to work out what Sony’s plans were for the phone in other markets: would it bring the Z4 to other nations, re-brand it for them somehow, or maybe even come out with an all-new flagship for international appeal? Recently, Sony’s been coordinating plans for a number of regional launch event throughout Asia, and rumors had suggested we’d see the Z4 play a part. As we wait to see what happens next week, that Z4 aspect to these events appears to be confirmed, as Sony China shares an image of the Z4 on social media.

Indeed, the handset pictured here is the Z4 just as we saw it debut in Japan last month. But is that how it will come to China? What about those rumors of the phone emerging as the Z3+ in some areas?

Well, there we’re a little less sure. On first glance, the Z and the 4 that stand out among all this Chinese text had us thinking that Sony had just confirmed that the Z4 name would remain, but an attempt to translate the rest of those characters has us a little unsure – perhaps it’s just Sony trying to be clever and strongly hint at the name without outright saying it. In any case, the hardware is unmistakable, and hopefully we’ll be seeing Z4 sales come to other nations soon.

Source: Sony China (Weibo)
Via: Xperia Blog

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