Sony’s Xperia Z2 still feels like a very new phone, probably attributable to the casual pace at which Sony’s been making the hardware available in additional markets, following initial sales in Taiwan this past March. But as the Z2 crawls onto shelves in new locales, is Sony already quite far along in crafting its successor? We’ve had a couple opportunities to talk about a possible Xperia Z3 in recent months, looking at some purported component shots and being made aware of a model number that just might be the Z3’s. Today we either get a big break or lose the trail a little, as a couple new shots show off not just what may be the Z3 itself, but also a Z3 Compact.

Fair warning: we don’t have a ton of confidence in what we’re seeing here. While these certainly appear to be components for a couple Sony phones (and they look like front panels, rather than complete handsets), it’s the “Z3” bit that gives us pause. Could these both be members of the Z3 family? Sure, but Sony releases a lot of Xperia models (especially in the mid-range area), and there’s little here that outright screams “flagship” at us.

None of this is to say that these aren’t the Z3 and Z3 Compact, but we’ll need a little more convincing. And some images of a proper resolution wouldn’t hurt, either.

Source: Digi-wo
Via: Xperia Blog

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