The Xperia X1 came with a great game called Xtrakt, which is still one of the best games available on Windows Mobile. This time, with the Xperia X2, a new puzzle game is bundled. It’s called Experiment 13 and has fantastic gameplay with great graphics.

The wonderful folks at XDA-developers have managed to rip it from a dumped Xperia X2 ROM. It’s available in CAB format for easy installation and is working wonderfully on multiple devices. Grab it on XDA-developers and give it a spin to see if it works on your device. Enjoy!


The goal of the game is to guide the character, Roy Tate, through a number of levels to help him get home. To accomplish this, you must obtain all the energy spheres found on each stage, which will give you access to a portal. You can jump and move around by pressing arrows on the screen. Other on-screen arrows will rotate the screen, so you can reach different areas of the world. Collect all spheres throughout the game and you win!



Note: because this game was intended for the Xperia X2, some features, like the accelerometer option, may not work correctly on some devices. The game is certainly playable though.

(via: 1800PocketPC)

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