With last year’s Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony pushed smartphone display limits by bringing the first-ever 4K panel to a phone. It was one hell of a bold move, but maybe one that was a bit ahead of its time – and certainly, we haven’t seen 4K return to any of this year’s Sony models. But while the world may not be quite ready for such face-melting resolutions on pocket-sized smartphones, that’s not to say that Sony’s done with bleeding-edge display tech for its mobile lineup just yet, and a new rumor claims that the manufacturer’s got something pretty special in mind for an upcoming Xperia X Premium.

While the Xperia X Premium would get a 5.5-inch 1080p panel, its titular premium feature wouldn’t rely on sheer pixel count. Instead, the Whitemagic LCD panel the phone uses would supposedly be capable of High Dynamic Range playback – a first for smartphones.

The HDR support would give the Xperia X Premium the ability to reproduced images more faithfully than traditional LCD screens, with 10-bit-per-color support capable of reproducing some 1.07 billion shades.

Screen aside, the Xperia X Premium may feature hardware that largely matches what we get with the Xperia X Performance, packing the same Snapdragon 820 SoC and 3GB of RAM. Some changes could be present, though, like moving to USB type-C connectivity.

Will an HDR display make for an easier sell than the 4K screen on the Z5 Premium? Can Sony deliver such a display without making too many trade-offs in the process? We’re only just now putting together the story on this handset, so we’ve got plenty of time to come up with those answers.

Source: Phone Radar
Via: Phandroid

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