He did it so we didn’t have to (ruin a review unit and get Sony representatives on our tail).

One young Zaryab Khan — known as xeetechcare on most internet platforms — decided to take his Xperia X for a little dunk in “real water” and not the “fake water” that, apparently, his YouTube commenters thought he had. Take our advice, kid: you don’t need those commenters.

Khan decided that the Xperia X, not rated for ingress protection unlike the Xperia X Performance, would get a two minute-swim to see if it would sink — in more ways than one.

The phone’s screen never turned off during the trial and no real bubble action took place.

Khan did a thorough checkup with the Xperia X after time came. The display was fine. Microphones and speaker? Fine. The camera, the fingerprint sensor, the buttons? Just fine. Everything was seemingly fine. For two minutes underwater.

Again, we stress that the Xperia X lacks an IP rating and that your device’s water resistance (“proofedness”) may vary. If you do want to test your luck, that is.

Via: Xperia Blog

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