What does Sony’s Xperia X brand commitment mean for Xperia C, M?

The Xperia is dead, long live the Xperia. And again.

It still seems as though we’re running through a transition period in Sony’s mobile strategy like how one “runs” through a ball pit. While it has officially stated the Xperia Z series has reached its “culmination,” we’re fielding a rumor that a Z6 could be in the plot. Furthermore, we’ve also been talking about an Xperia C6 Ultra and an Xperia M Ultra following after.

But, will those phones ever see consumers’ hands or will they become history as the Xperia Z officially has? Who knows? What ePrice out of Taiwan does know is that the new Xperia X brand will be on Sony Mobile’s products for the next two years.


In a marketing presentation, Sony defined its “third chapter” moving forward from its focus of smartphones and its “Best of Sony” companion services. It will focus on expanding its hardware portfolio to include IoT and cloud-connected products with “Xperia X” being the visual identity of the effort.

Also on the path forward, at least in Sony Mobile’s East Asia markets, is a pivot from the mid-range sparks it had for its first Xperia X releases to higher-end products. Head honchos are taking a bet to promote their devices as anti-iPhones.


Oddly enough in Japan, iPhones are cheaper on carrier contracts than Sony’s phones. With the market’s 28 million iPhones to the 12 million Android smartphones, it seems that the company is taking the high road by messaging out its products as an investment with better features for a little more money.

Sony’s always had a laggard in its mobile division. We’ll see if these changes bring black ink to the the earnings report — not that the PlayStation needs any more.

Source: ePrice (Google Translate)

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