The Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest, lightest, most beautiful 10-inch Android tablet we’ve ever come across – but it’s still a 10-inch Android tablet, and thus still at a disadvantage in terms of a tablet app ecosystem.

That said, we’ve given Sony’s latest slate the full review treatment and found it to be pretty impressive. Between its portability, vibrant display, and water resistance, “the Z” brings plenty to the table in the fight against other, more popular tablet computers.

Ultimately, though, in a punch-for-punch contest, how does Sony’s super-slim beauty stack up against Apple’s anodized aluminum juggernaut, the iPad (alias iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad 2012)? Who should consider buying which one? Is there really such a thing as a too-heavy tablet in 2013? How much do tablet-optimized apps really matter? Just how lame can you look taking pictures with an iPad?

These questions and more are answered (and others are skillfully danced-around) in the below video, so tune in for Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad 2012!

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