After Sony had a chance to show-off its Xperia S at this year’s CES, the Android smartphone made its retail debut late this past winter. Since then, we’ve seen it make the journey to Android 4.0, getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update just this past month. Now evidence of a new Sony handset has appeared, the Xperia SL; will this be a upgraded version of the Xperia S, or something else entirely?

The name Xperia SL shows up in an Indonesian database, where it’s identified as model LT26ii (the Xperia S is LT26i). Beyond the name and model number, though, we haven’t any real idea what Sony’s working on here, leading to a situation rife with speculation.

Indonesia uses 2100MHz for 3G, which the Xperia S already supports, so we’re probably not looking at a model that just introduces a new radio for local carrier compatibility. Could Sony be planning a more general hardware upgrade, instead? The Xperia S runs a last-gen Snapdragon S3, so model with something like an S4 chip could be a boon for the company; on the other hand, Sony might be discouraged by word of S4 shortages. We should also consider that Sony’s Xperia GX and SX models already appear ready to fill this void, so what more value would having an SL add to things?

Could the “L” signify “large”? The Xperia S already has a 4.3-inch 720p screen, but maybe Sony sees interest in a similar model with a 4.7-inch (or larger) component. Maybe we’re going in the other direction, and L means “lite”.

Until some new evidence shows up, we’ll just have to keep guessing about what Sony’s Xperia SL really is.

Via: phoneArena

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