Xiaomi won’t be in the US by 2018: will it be too late?

Xiaomi wants to do it right. Not like how LeEco did it. What is it? Expanding the brand to a US audience.

While the young Chinese manufacturer did debut a new color of its pioneering Mi MIX phone at CES 2017, it made sure to disappoint its foreign followers by making it clear that sales of the phone was still exclusive to China. Not America.

“Eventually we’ll make our way over here,” said Xiaomi global vice president Hugo Barra. “There’s a huge audience of tech enthusiasts here. Brands in the US become global brands.”

He told CNET that the company isn’t “comfortable” sharing a specific plan for migrating smartphones over the Pacific anytime soon, never mind what the rumors have said about an end-of-the-year launch.

Why abstain? Because of how the competition didn’t.

“We don’t want to go anywhere near the half-hearted efforts to launch a brand in the US just to say we’re in the US,” Barra said.

He pointed out that the company’s TV boxes are seeping into the country to help establish its brand, though we aren’t sure if regular ‘ol consumers will go browsing for off-brand smart whatchamacallits from this weird “showme” from China.

But how long will it take before Xiaomi has fully tilled its bed for flowers? Or will the company wait for too long before ultra-saturation takes place, squeezing even the niche that it hopes to target in the states?

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