From ecstasy to agony in just a couple of months. The always fickle mobile industry strikes again, as Xiaomi appears to go through a sudden crisis shortly after launching arguably its most bewitching smartphone yet.

Unfortunately, the “edgeless” Mi MIX is still far from ready for international primetime, and the Chinese company’s first ever CES presentation earlier this month was mainly about a boring new Smart TV. Meanwhile, Xiaomi continues to put off US expansion plans, risking to squander any leftover local enthusiasm, with high-profile ex-Googler Hugo Barra ominously out of the executive equation as well.

And let’s not forget indirect acknowledgment of 2016 sales slowdown, as the “Apple of China” grew too fast in previous years to sustain long-term progress. Finally, a spokesperson just confirmed Xiaomi has nothing to unveil at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, skipping the glamorous tech expo altogether.

No precocious Mi 6 debut after all, or a timely announcement for that matter, with the Mi 5 showcased at last year’s MWC before going on limited domestic sale in April. But maybe this is not necessarily another sign of the company’s surprising new hardship and strategy correction.

Alongside the conceptual Mi MIX, a more mainstream high-end Mi 5s duo and Mi Note 2 phablet saw daylight a measly few months back. Hence, it might simply be too early for yet another flagship phone. There’s also the issue of industry-wide Snapdragon 835 scarcity, and we wouldn’t want the Mi 6 to pack an 821 processor, now, would we?

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