Xiaomi could get Nokia to use its Surge S1 chip inside a mystery future phone

This is one of those rumors we’d probably discard or file under unfounded speculation any other day. Mere hours after the announcement of a multi-year patent agreement and generally far-reaching “business collaboration” between Nokia and Xiaomi, well, it’s still unfounded, but way more plausible.

According to a Weibo leaker with a decent yet far from spotless prediction record, Xiaomi’s first in-house processor could soon power not just the Chinese company’s Mi 5c or Mi 6c smartphones.

One (or several) of Nokia’s smaller-number future handsets may come with the Surge S1 SoC under the hood, octa-core 64-bit CPU, quad-core Mali-T860 GPU, camera enhancements, advanced LTE support, top-shelf security, energy efficiency and all.

Since we’re talking a relatively modest 28nm-based chip when all is said and done though, we’re guessing a prospective entry-level Nokia 2 is the prime candidate to fulfill this prophecy. There’s no Nokia 4 in the pipeline, remember, while an upper mid-range 7 should really offer superior speed and frugality.

No matter the two companies’ exact plans, this type of alliance would certify Xiaomi’s seriousness about its processor-designing initiative. Now, Qualcomm and MediaTek probably have nothing to fear, but Huawei’s standing as an up-and-coming SoC architect is in (mild) danger. And yes, we know Nokia and HMD are different companies, but they’re tight, and they could both use Xiaomi as a strategic partner. Win-win-win.

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