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Xiaomi says under-screen selfie camera technology is not ready yet

By Nadeem Sarwar January 30, 2020, 8:00 pm

Xiaomi confirmed last year that it is working on under-screen selfie camera solution, and has already obtained patents for it. But it appears that the technology might take some time before it makes its way to a Xiaomi phone.

The company’s VP, Lu Weibing, noted in a Weibo post that under-screen selfie camera solution has a few downsides that are yet to be resolved. A standard pixel density of 400ppi on today’s smartphones blocks a lot of light from reaching the sensor, which means image quality will be significantly worse.

And if the pixel density of the area above the front camera is reduced to allow more light, that region will appear as a distinct patch on the entire panel. While Xiaomi’s earlier announcement indicated that its solution is promising, Weibing’s post suggests that an under-screen selfie camera on a Xiaomi phone is still quite far off.

Source: Weibo

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