Xiaomi boasts of 5 million Redmi Note 5 and over 1 million Mi Band 3 sales

Xiaomi might just be the world’s most impressive smartphone vendor right now, also pulling off wearable device sales feats that even Apple is incapable of.

Of course, comparing Mi Band 3 and Apple Watch Series 3 numbers is hardly fair, considering the huge price gap between the two. But the former’s 1 million achievement within 17 days of its commercial debut is nonetheless astonishing. Here’s hoping the ultra-low-cost fitness tracker will soon find its way to the Western Hemisphere.

Meanwhile, the mid-range Redmi Note 5 handset duo managed to reach 5 million unit sales mere days after the high-end Mi 8 family was confirmed to have outpaced the OnePlus 6 to the one million mark.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro obviously saw daylight in India a few months back, taking significantly less time to hit this extraordinary milestone than the Redmi Note 4 last year. We’re talking around 120 days for the affordable “full screen” pair versus six months or so for their 16:9 thick-bezeled predecessor.

This pretty much upholds the Chinese OEM’s domination across the world’s second-largest smartphone market, keeping Samsung at bay in the region’s crucial mid-range segment. That global 100 million objective for the entire year no longer feels overly ambitious either.

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