Xiaomi slates July 27 Beijing event to unveil Redmi Note 4 or Mi Note 2

If Xiaomi indeed wants to market its next high-end phablet as a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 killer, it should really look to at least roll it out before the Note 7 debuts commercially in early August. It’s been too long since the first-gen Mi Note broke cover anyway, and while the recently launched Mi Max definitely qualifies for a big thing, it’s hardly the next big thing.

Then again, Xiaomi could also choose to put a pin in flagship announcements for a while longer, further focusing on the low-cost, low to mid-end Redmi family that’s racked up monumental sales numbers in the past three years.

Rumor has it the upcoming Redmi Note 4 will be the best of its kind yet, with a trendy dual rear-facing camera in tow, as well as 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 652 processor. Either this, or the Mi Note 2, or perhaps a Mi Note 2 and Note 2 Pro, may see daylight at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on July 27.

Of course, mum’s the word on exactly what’s in store, which probably won’t stop the company’s ever-growing domestic fan base from coughing up 200 Yuan ($30) on Monday, July 18, for a chance to attend the event.

Source: Cnet

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