Xiaomi crosses 110 million global Redmi phone sales, beefs up offline presence in India

Xiaomi turned six a few months back, and will soon celebrate half a decade since its first ever handheld went on sale, but Global VP and former top Googler Hugo Barra wants to draw attention today to a slightly younger, super-successful family of low-cost smartphones.

Apparently, no less than 110 million Redmi devices were sold around the world between August 2013 and now, equating to an average of 1.21 units per second. So, yeah, in the time it took you to read my headline and these introductory words, Xiaomi hawked another four or five Redmi-series phones. And an extra one just now.

Of course, that “around the world” part is a bit of a stretch, given outside China and a handful of other mostly emerging markets, Xiaomi’s official retail presence is quite discreet, to say the least. But times are a-changing, domestic growth potential is contracting, so the likes of India naturally become a focal point for the OEM that shipped a total of over 70 million smartphones globally in 2015 alone.

Both on and offline, with a massive 5,000 physical stores across Indian shores due to receive Mi 5, Redmi 2 or Redmi Note 3 inventory before long. Still no US expansion details yet, unfortunately.

Sources: Twitter, Android Central

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