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Starting in 2021 Q3, Xiaomi’s product series “Mi” will be renamed to “Xiaomi”. This change will unify our global brand presence and close the perception gap between the brand and its products. This change may take some time to take effect in all regions.

With the introduction of the new brand identity, two distinct product series will sit beneath the parent brand. Xiaomi products represent the pinnacle of technology and offer a premium experience. Redmi products bring big innovation at a more accessible price point and are aimed at a younger audience. This differentiation is also reflected in our updated logos, with both the Xiaomi and Redmi logotypes under the parent brand logo.

The product series naming convention — Xiaomi and Redmi — will also be applied to our ecosystem and IoT products over time.

Xiaomi spokesperson

Original story follows:

Xiaomi is dropping the Mi branding from its products, the company said to XDA Developers in a statement. The first product that has dropped the ‘Mi’ branding is the company’s latest Mix 4 smartphone. A lot of people were confused after the event why Xiaomi didn’t name the phone Mi Mix 4 in any official teaser, images, or packaging and now the company has clarified that it’ll stop using ‘Mi’ in front of its devices.

The change is quite a big one, considering the company has announced every single product with this name for the last 9 years. The first product Xiaomi announced with Mi branding was MiUI, which then it expanded to its hardware products. Xiaomi hasn’t given a specific reason as to why it decided to drop the Mi branding. Various speculations suggest that the company wants to streamline the branding of its products as it already sells devices in China without the Mi branding. Many believe it is to remove the double branding – the company uses both ‘Xiaomi’ and ‘Mi’ for naming its smartphones and other products.

Dropping the Mi branding could also help Xiaomi position itself in markets like the US, where it has very little to no presence.

What happens to the existing Mi products?

The existing products will continue to sell under the Mi branding, XDA Developers confirmed. The decision makes sense because changing the branding from existing devices in the market can be a long process and could lead to more confusion, on top of the existing one. The company also sells its product under the independent Redmi brand — to which most people still refer to as Xiaomi. What are your thoughts on Xiaomi ditching the Mi branding? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: XDA Developers

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