Xiaomi has been working hard of late on gradually expanding its presence in the Western consumer tech business, and although the Chinese company’s long-awaited official US smartphone debut seems more unlikely than ever, its European efforts could get another boost in the immediate future.

Specifically, on the heels of a mysterious appearance in Barcelona late next month for MWC 2018. The official website of the Mobile World Congress includes Xiaomi among confirmed names of 2018 exhibitors, but it’s unclear if the so-called “Apple of China” is also planning a keynote event.

If not, it’s possible the OEM’s booth will comprise already unveiled and released products, which would certainly bring down our excitement a notch or two. But at the same time, you definitely shouldn’t rule out a global introduction of the oft-rumored Xiaomi Mi 7 flagship phone in the capital city of Catalonia on February 25 or 26.

After all, the Mi 5 visited Barcelona for an exclusive “media preview” a couple of years back, so Xiaomi is technically no stranger to these types of glamorous affairs. We still don’t know why the OEM decided against showcasing the Mi 6 at MWC 2017, but the recently concluded CES 2018 and last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas both hosted the fast-growing smartphone vendor as it attempted to build US brand awareness. Bottom line, we have every reason to be (cautiously) excited.

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