Mystery 2018 Xiaomi flagship (Mi Note 3?) expected to adopt ‘rigid’ 6-inch Samsung OLED screen

Xiaomi has pretty big plans (in the literal sense) for an unnamed “flagship smartphone” to be released sometime next year, according to Korean press, reportedly reaching a high-profile agreement with Samsung for the supply of 6.01-inch rigid OLED panels.

Specifically, roughly a million of such gargantuan, high-quality displays in December, and an extra 2.2 million units by the end of January 2018. Now, the rumored timing would seem to fit the profile of a Mi 6 sequel, but the company’s spring 2017 hero device sports a tiny, slightly inferior 5.15-inch IPS LCD screen.

The Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus and even the ultra-high-end Mi Mix are all “modest” LCD affairs, unlike last fall’s Mi Note 2. That particular dual-edged powerhouse is also quite large, measuring 5.7 inches in diagonal, though ironically, its curved panel comes from LG.

The same display and smartphone manufacturer was initially eyed as a partner for a “flexible” 5.5-incher that turned into this “rigid” 6-inch Xiaomi Mi Note 3 candidate, as LG couldn’t handle demand for its still-budding OLED production business. Enter Samsung, and a desire to dominate a fast-growing market only exceeded in intensity by a rare willingness to spend however much money it takes. Just to be perfectly clear though, nothing’s etched in stone yet. Not the Mi Note 3 name, not the early 2018 ETA, and not even this Xiaomi – Samsung alliance at the expense of LG.

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