Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Pro may have been benchmarked as ‘Chiron’ with Snapdragon 835 inside

With the edgeless Mi MIX family technically moved into the mainstream smartphone landscape, as second-gen supply should be able to manage demand slightly better than the original model, Xiaomi unexpectedly seems to aim the Mi Note 3 at last year’s iPhone 7 Plus instead of the newer 8 Plus.

Billed as essentially a larger Mi 6, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is no pushover in the RAM, camera and battery departments, settling however for a middling Snapdragon 660 processor.

But the Chinese OEM’s impatient power-hungry fans, or those not exactly in love with the Mi MIX 2 pricing structure, will be happy to hear there’s already another flagship product in the pipeline.

This is known simply (and confusingly) by the codename of Chiron, which tells us absolutely nothing about its potential marketing label. Then again, it really can only be the next-gen Mi 7 or some sort of a spin-off of an existing hero device.

It feels a little early for Mi 7 benchmarks, and the Mi MIX 2 sports a screen with a very different diagonal, resolution and aspect ratio. Hence, our best guess is we’re looking at a Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Pro, packing Snapdragon 835 heat, 6GB RAM and a whopping 256GB internal storage.

The 5.6-inch display listed over at GFXBench is extremely close to the 5.5-inch panel on the regular Mi Note 3, while that 1980 x 1080 pixel count could just be an innocent typo. Still, it’d be weird to see an extra-capable 16MP front-facing camera downgraded to 5 megapixels.

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