Xiaomi Mi Note 3 confirmed for September 11 announcement by the Mi MIX 2 side

While Xiaomi has been treated by Western media like a real menace for the world’s top smartphone vendors since forever, the Chinese company is only now starting to live up to our expectations in terms of both innovation and expansion.

The affordable but remarkable Mi A1 proves Google itself is taking Xiaomi seriously as a valuable global partner, with the no doubt eye-catching Mi MIX 2 right around the corner and likely to launch in higher numbers than the original “full display concept”.

Apple may need to fear the Mi MIX 2 announcement event preceding next week’s iPhone 8 launch, as Asia’s rising star is looking to lay all its next-gen flagship cards on the table on Monday.

That includes a Xiaomi Mi Note 3 the OEM’s own CEO just confirmed on Weibo with a teaser image showing a familiar back panel. Presumably similar to the Mi 6, the Mi Note 2’s sequel should sport a larger screen with “standard” bezels, as well as a dual-curved design. Or perhaps we’ll get a “rigid” 6-incher rocking slimmer borders than last year’s 5.7-incher.

Either way, this would basically be the more mainstream cousin of the Mi MIX 2, helping Xiaomi cover all high-end market bases. Both domestically and internationally, we hope.

Oh, and in case you’re not hyped up enough about the 2.0 full screen Xiaomi Mi MIX, there are a couple of new September 11 trailers floating around. They’re a little cheesy and don’t show the device in a lot of detail, but add to the general feeling that this is going to be a pretty wide launch.

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