Technically, the Xiaomi Mi MIX isn’t altogether bezelless, borderless, edgeless or whatever gimmicky terminology you prefer to adopt when talking about a phone with no perceivable “dead space” around the screen.

But while this commercially-limited proof of concept still features an average-looking “chin”, needed to hold a repositioned front-facing camera, it undoubtedly moves us one step closer to a boundless future reportedly envisioned by Samsung and Apple too.

You know what would be even dreamier than a 6.4-inch, 158.8mm-tall Mi MIX, though? A diminutive variant of sorts retaining the 90+ percent screen-to-body ratio you could more easily maneuver… if you ever got your hands on it.

Enter the Xiaomi Mi MIX Nano, which is the alleged codename of a 5.5-incher with Snapdragon 821 processing power, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. Those specs are revealed by a very explicit, plausible “about phone” screenshot, with a number of live pics also leaked in China (where else?), seemingly showing two near-borderless devices side by side.


One is clearly the larger Mi MIX, and the other definitely qualifies for a 5.5-inch display squeezed into the standard footprint of a 5-inch or so handheld at a first glance. Rumor is the Mi MIX Nano (just a codename, keep in mind) will see daylight by the end of the year at a rough $450-equivalent price, but alas, we have no reason to expect a supply and demand equilibrium.

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