We’ve been patiently waiting for the “Apple of China” to at least try to unlock its full global potential with a phone, any phone, officially released stateside for several years now, and while various Xiaomi execs have vowed such an expansion will eventually happen, it’s probably wise to keep your expectations low regarding the Mi MIX “concept.”

If calling the “edgeless” 6.4-inch monster that off the bat wasn’t enough to imply even domestic fans of the fast-rising brand would be looking at limited quantities, MIUI India’s Lead Product Manager has been kind to clarify and crush our wildest dreams on Reddit.

Jai Mani only took a few questions in a beautiful Marques Brownlee hands-on video-dedicated forum thread, stressing the “concept” status of the Xiaomi Mi MIX, and how it “really” doesn’t make “sense to launch it in other markets.”

Not the US, not Europe, and certainly not India, where the OEM still has but a “really small team”, with “limited resources”, which forces them to “consider each product very very carefully.” This particular device is “a bit out there in terms of design”, and despite overwhelmingly positive online and media reception so far, Xiaomi can’t know how the average customer might react, for instance, to the unusual bottom placement of the selfie camera. Or the “edge detection.”

Then you have hurdles like certification, after-sales support and even specific regional labeling requirements to clear before thinking of a global rollout, and at the moment, the Xiaomi Mi MIX, with its record-breaking 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio, isn’t deemed worth the effort. But the less “conceptual” Mi Note 2 may just be a different story.

Source: Reddit

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