Xiaomi Mi MIX sales will be rebooted in a few hours, but likely not for long

After a couple of early November flash sale rounds predictably wrapped up in the blink of an eye with exhausted inventory of the world’s first “edgeless” smartphone, the groundbreaking Xiaomi Mi MIX will apparently be back in stock tomorrow.

Technically, that’s later today, at 10am China Standard Time, i.e. 11pm EST. Not that this involves American mobile device consumers or folks across the Western hemisphere in any way, as the “conceptual” full-ceramic 6.4-inch gadget remains exclusive to domestic shores.

Sure, there’s always a possibility Xiaomi will decide and somehow ramp up production for a global commercial expansion, or double down on bezel-killing efforts with a more compact Mi MIX Nano. But let’s not kid ourselves.

The best chance to jump on the borderless bandwagon early is reside in China, abuse your browser’s refresh button during these super-limited sales events on the OEM’s local website, get lucky, and wait. Also, be willing to spend at least the equivalent of $535, which sounds far from extreme.

There are “premium” Android phones commanding higher prices stateside with a much more conventional (read bland) design than the Xiaomi Mi MIX, way thicker bezels, smaller batteries and/or lower internal storage counts. Bottom line, if you can get this thing, don’t hesitate for one second!

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