Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 faces the camera with a Windows laptop

It’s October and Xiaomi should be announcing its next bezel-pushing smartphone, the Mi MIX 3, soon. Executives have laid down the line on its release, so they’re accountable to their claims.

The phone has been teased with 5G conenctivity and there has been plenty of buzz around the next RAM milestone at 10GB. And it seems the company has acknowledged this with a Weibo post right from a Mi MIX 3 (thanks, metadata) posting two red envelopes labeled “5G” and “10G.” Wonder what that could signal?

While we think about that, an anonymous video has been making the rounds — it is being distributed on YouTube through the very generically-named channel Tech News — showing said Mi MIX 3 with one of its rumored features in action: a motorized camera-storing deck. It’s purported that the phone’s facial recognition feature has been linked up to a Windows laptop, presumably through Windows Hello, for authentication. The latter trick might end up handier than the first one.

Alas, some gap time remains between now and ignition.

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