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This phone clearly shows a 5G icon in the status bar

By Anton D. Nagy September 4, 2018, 9:00 am

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 shouls arrive on September 5. Why should you care? First, because it aims to minimize not only the bezels, but the chin as well. Second, because it will do so by not employing a notch, but instead go with a slide-up mechanism much like the OPPO Find X. Third, according to the latest leak/teaser, it will support 5G, as seen in the picture above.

While you shouldn’t get too excited about 5G at this point, as the technology and roll-out is still in its infancy, you should be excited about the chip. The Snapdragon 855 should bring 5G capabilities, but that chip hasn’t even. been announced yet. Sure, it popped up in benchmarks just recently, but it’s still not official. What we do know is that Qualcomm has the X50 modem that has proven its 5G capabilities.

The picture above clearly shows the 5G signal indicator. All the gear in the back indicates that this is a lab test, but the bands shown testify for US band compatibility. It is unclear whether Qualcomm has started sampling the Snapdragon 855 or not. It is also unclear whether the Mi MIX 3 will ship with 5G capabilities or not, but it’s interesting to see, nonetheless, that we’re getting closer to 5G on smartphones.

5G icon

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