Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is officially confirmed as the company’s first phone with wireless charging

Xiaomi hasn’t gone so far as to reveal exactly how the Mi MIX 2S will look, like OPPO recently did with the R15, but we’ve still heard a great deal about the ambitious OEM’s third “full screen” flagship straight from the horse’s mouth.,

We know the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is coming to Shanghai on March 27, which just so happens to also be the official announcement date of the uber-hyped Huawei P20 trio. Snapdragon 845 processing power will definitely be in tow, and the rumored 3400mAh battery is now confirmed to support wireless charging.

That latter part may not sound like a big deal… until you realize this would actually be Xiaomi’s very first mobile device endowed with the ability to wirelessly juice up its respectable cell.

We’re obviously talking Qi inductive charging technology, rejected as gimmicky and immature by other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. And if the Mi MIX 2S has it, the Mi 7 should follow suit… sooner or later.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to continue to keep an eye on the company’s official Weibo account for similar confirmation of key design elements causing heated discussions in the rumor mill. Will the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S join the notch club after all, or stick to the chin-mounted front camera approach of its predecessors? More importantly, if the top-right screen cutout is legit, can we stop with the notch hate?

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