World-renowned French designer Philippe Starck has long been confirmed as the artistic creator of a second-generation Xiaomi Mi MIX due out sometime this fall after also helping conceive the original “full display” smartphone last year.

The up-and-coming Chinese OEM is predictably gunning for an even higher screen-to-body ratio as everyone from Apple to Huawei wants to throw their hat in the bezel-killing ring.

But until today, it almost sounded physically impossible to pull off a mobile device with 93 percent usable screen real estate. Even “conceptually” and in limited commercial numbers.

Keep in mind that Xiaomi may have advertised an earth-shattering 91.3 percent magic number initially for the OG Mi MIX, but many reputable publications and reviewers were quick to debunk the claim, estimating the actual figure anywhere between 83 and 87 percent.

Still, that was a lot of screen, requiring plenty of hard engineering work to make the front-facing camera 50 percent smaller than usual, as well as integrate something called “cantilever piezoelectric ceramics acoustic” technology.

Nonetheless, Philippe Starck seems to have reason to believe a substantial jump to “even less” bezel is doable, uploading a stunning Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 “conceptual product design” video to his official Facebook page just yesterday.

The 40-second clip showcases the designer’s groundbreaking vision for a handset free of “notches”, ample chins or other compromises of a similar nature. There’s still a teeny-tiny “dead space” on the bottom, likely holding a selfie cam and little else, with smooth curves and no physical sensors in sight.

Now, granted, this concept might never materialize commercially, but if that’s the case, why would Starck get our hopes up so close to the predicted Mi MIX 2 announcement? It doesn’t make sense, so… fingers crossed.

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