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Xiaomi Mi Fold double-folding smartphone teased again

By Anton D. Nagy March 28, 2019, 2:00 pm
Xiaomi Mi Fold

Remember the Xiaomi foldable smartphone we’ve seen in January and we instantly drooled over it? It’s a double-folding concept, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold in-folding design, and Huawei’s Mate X out-folding design. It is (tentatively) called Xiaomi Mi Fold, and it’s a double-outfolding concept.

A short video teaser has been published online and it doesn’t reveal more than the previous leaks. It shows the phone in its tablet (outfolded) mode, after which it transforms into a smaller form factor by bending the sides towards the back (out).

It is hard, at this point, to predict when the company will make the Xiaomi Mi Fold official, or what its price point will be. Some reports claim that it will come in cheaper than the current over-$2,000 offerings, but we’re a bit skeptical knowing that the most expensive parts are the display and hinges, and this particular phone uses at least two hinges on the double-folding display.

Xiaomi Mi Fold

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