Xiaomi seems to be trying just about everything to meet it short-term objective of shipping 100 million smartphone units around the world in 2018, and eventually jump from fourth place to the vendor podium while also generating a (small) profit.

No longer focused squarely on markets like China or India, and incredibly affordable devices with robust specifications, Xiaomi has already unveiled a very handsome flagship this year, reportedly cooking up a number of other impressive high-enders.

Although the long overdue Mi 7 is not official yet, rumors are swirling about the Xiaomi Mi 8 possibly integrating in-display fingerprint recognition technology. The Mi 8 could be launched instead of the Mi 7 to signal a major upgrade of last year’s Mi 6, or shortly after a Mi 7 with a humbler list of new features in tow.

Both theories make sense, given eight is widely considered a lucky number in Chinese culture, and Xiaomi was coincidentally founded eight years ago.

Either way, as long as the Mi 8 sees daylight by the end of 2018, it should easily beat Samsung’s first phone with a screen-embedded fingerprint reader to the punch. Unfortunately, the first purported three-second demo of the Xiaomi Mi 8 reveals nothing aside from a seemingly functional and fast “invisible” biometric authentication method.

Other, similarly hard to verify recent leaks have suggested the Mi 8 would incorporate a large notch, housing not just an earpiece and selfie camera, but also a bunch of other sensors enabling 3D facial scanning technology a la the iPhone X. That’s one more game changer Xiaomi is expected to adopt before Samsung.

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