Xiaomi Mi 6s or Mi 6c could come out in Q4 with in-house Surge S2 SoC in tow

It sounds like Xiaomi might be taking this in-house processor business pretty seriously fairly quickly, as Surge S2 rumors are ramping up over in Taiwan.

Similar to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s rookie chipset effort, commercially released in limited numbers on the mid-range Mi 5c handheld earlier this year, the Surge S2 should hail from TSMC’s constantly busy factories.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is tipped to use 16nm technology for this higher-end silicon, compared to the relatively modest 28nm roots of the Surge S1 SoC. Unfortunately, we literally know nothing else about the specifications of a core device component that could be ready for primetime before 2017 wraps up.

Yup, supply chain sources claim volume production will start sometime in the third quarter, with a Xiaomi Mi 6s or Mi 6c launch then planned for Q4. Seeing as how the Mi 5c and Mi 6 barely rolled out in recent months, and the latter is still somewhat hard to come by, we’d have expected both sequels to land in 2018.

Granted, a Mi 5s last year also followed the original Mi 5 shortly, but since the Mi 6 packs a 10nm-based Snapdragon 835 processor, would a Mi 6s with a 16nm Surge S2 under the hood really be acceptable for Android power users?

It’s all a bit convoluted and hazy, not to mention premature, to jump to conclusions, though the main takeaway is Xiaomi probably remains committed to this little experiment. That other, more exciting one too.

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