Snapdragon 835-powered Xiaomi Mi 6 reportedly groomed for early February launch

If there was ever an award given for world’s busiest smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi and Samsung would probably lock horns, and the China-based underdog could well snatch away the Korean champ’s crown with near-future Mi MIX Nano, flat-screened Mi Note 2, diminutive Mi S and full-on flagship-grade Mi 6 announcements.

Of course, none of those are really guaranteed for launches over the coming months, although you have to figure that sooner or later Xiaomi will want to at least follow up last spring’s Mi 5 hero device. As in, properly follow up, with a radically altered sequel rather than just a “minor” S spin-off.

Aside from a logical Snapdragon 835 processor upgrade however, we still know very little about the major specification revisions the Xiaomi Mi 6 may bring to the table as early as February 6. Yes, February 6 is the new ETA, according to well-connected Asian analysts, which might undercut both Samsung’s dedicated NYC April Galaxy S8 “Unpacking”, and LG’s supposed MWC introduction of the non-modular G6.

But it remains to be seen if the 10nm-based, Samsung-produced SD835 SoC can enter the market on time for an actual February commercial rollout, as Xiaomi would like, no doubt dreaming of stealing its Western-popular rivals’ thunder.

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