There’s no shortage of sketchy Weibo rumors regarding a high-end Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone we’ve been waiting for a good few months now to follow last year’s Mi 5, and while we can’t verify any of them, reading between the lines of some of the company’s recent official social media posts tells us the flagship could be just hours away.

Yes, hours, not even days or weeks, at least as far as a formal announcement is concerned. Xiaomi has a mysterious local event scheduled for tomorrow, April 11, at noon (that’s midnight EDT), and after turning seven years old last week, the OEM appeared to count down to… something.

Something big, literally and figuratively, although the “regular” Xiaomi Mi 6 is expected to sport a relatively small, relatively modest 5.1-inch Full HD screen. The Mi 6 Plus or Premier should instead go with a Quad HD 5.7-inch display, according to a number of semi-credible sources, while under the hood, both devices are tipped to pack state-of-the-art Snapdragon 835 processors and up to 6GB RAM.

The latest impossible-to-verify, somewhat sketchy purported visual leaks seem to hint at iris recognition technology, slim vertical bezels, front-fitted fingerprint scanner doubling as a physical home button, and alas, minimal curves around the display. Retail pricing could start at roughly $460, but let’s just wait a few more hours before digesting all that information. Who knows exactly what will pan out, and how might Xiaomi try to surprise us?

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