Xiaomi Mi 6 aces durability inspection, easily surviving bend test failed by predecessor

Just in case you needed one more reason to hate Xiaomi for continuing to give the US smartphone market the cold shoulder, it turns out the Chinese OEM greatly improved its flagship’s build quality in addition to the design’s sleekness this past year.

Compared to the Mi 5, the newly released but obviously hard to come by Xiaomi Mi 6 is remarkably stylish, as well as sturdy and apparently made of truly premium materials for a change. Now, you may not remember this, or you possibly missed it altogether, but the Xiaomi Mi 5 catastrophically flunked JerryRigEverything’s YouTube durability test.

The 5.1-inch Snapdragon 820 phone snapped like a twig under mild pressure, which certainly doesn’t seem to be the case for its SD835 sequel. This fresh 5.1-incher keeps its distance from the “shelf of shame”, exhibiting a small flex in the traditional bend test, but completely recovering in a matter of seconds.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 also hides most of its sensors and external equipment under robust, scratch-resistant glass, including the fingerprint-recognizing home button, single front and dual rear cameras. Keys and coins can’t damage the Full HD LCD screen, and even the handheld’s “protection” against flames is noticeably improved. All in all, we might be looking at the “new king in the realm of inexpensive flagships”, at least as far as durability is concerned.

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