Xiaomi Mi 6 officially confirmed for April 19 announcement, this time for real

Hopefully, those of you living in the US didn’t stay up all night to find out what Xiaomi was actually counting down to was merely the disclosure of the long overdue Mi 6’s launch date. Launch, as in formal announcement too, not the far more important commercial availability ETA.

Still, it’s nice to finally be 100 percent certain of something, anything regarding this unusually well-kept secret. On April 19, the Chinese company’s next-gen flagship (s) will officially see daylight at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, following in the footsteps of a relatively crowd-pleasing Mi 5 last spring and Mi 5s in the fall.

Unlikely to ever come out stateside, in keeping with tradition, the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus may need a little more prep time before rolling out domestically as well, due to strongly rumored Snapdragon 835 scarcity.

That’s one of very few features we can count on seeing inside the two high-end phones, along with different screen sizes (5.1 and 5.7 inches, most likely), resolutions (Full and Quad HD respectively), and up to 6GB RAM.

Otherwise, literally anything is possible, including a dual rear camera arrangement on the larger model, some sort of flat/curved screen division, under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, 3D Touch-like functionality, and, oh no, even headphone jack omission, reportedly.

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