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Xiaomi Mi 5X could be taken to India as Android One phone “Xiaomi A1”

By Jules Wang August 20, 2017, 11:06 pm

Several manufacturers have took the mantle of the Android One program — making affordable Android phones as locally as possible to Google’s specified requirements — and are currently serving markets as diverse as the Middle East to Africa. But a future Android One phone could come out of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, but instead be headed straight for a massive budget market, India.

A source to Indonesia’s krispitech claims that the Xiaomi Mi 5X will be transformed. None of the heavy skinning that MIUI brings, just pure Android and the guarantee of timely updates in an affordable vessel to one of Xiaomi’s up and coming markets. It’s models like the Mi 4c and the Redmi series that have proven pretty popular in the subcontinent. There may be the off-chance that the name may also change along the way, perhaps involving the alphanumeric “A1,” but we’ll have to see.

A fairly unconvincing chart of text notes that phone has a 5.5-inch full HD display, dual-SIM capabilities and pushes free, unlimited image backups in high quality to Google Photos.

It’ll also be nice to see Xiaomi trial an Android phone without the fuss of its MIUI software on top. Maybe this could be square one to further market expansion? Who knows. The phone has to first exist.

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