We’re only four days away from Xiaomi’s increasingly thrilling next-gen flagship phone announcement, and thanks to mixed official signals, as well as the typically jumbled gossip on Weibo, nothing’s certain until it’s certain.

What we’re pretty sure of is an affordable Xiaomi Mi 5s powerhouse will break cover on Tuesday, despite recent speculation of a last-minute name change to Mi Note S, with Snapdragon 821 inside either way, 6GB RAM, and most likely, one of those trendy dual camera setups slapped on its rear.

You can probably count on the Mi 5s borrowing and upgrading the Redmi Pro’s 13 + 5MP main photography equipment, while other deets like screen size and resolution, battery capacity or storage options remain largely anybody’s guess.

One popular online theory calls for a standard, “entry-level” configuration priced at the rough equivalent of $300 with a 5.2-inch or so 1080p display and 64GB internal hoarding room, whereas a top-of-the-line $450 Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus (or Pro) model could bump that up to 5.7 Quad HD inches and 256 gigs respectively, maybe even adding dual curves to the sized-up panel.

Both variants are rumored by a majority of tipsters to support ultrasonic fingerprint recognition and 3D Touch technology, although perhaps you should also be prepared for humbler specs. It feels like we’re asking a lot of this incremental “S” upgrade, don’t you think?

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